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  Need for Sponsorship 07/22/2019 8:49pm (UTC)

Need for Sponsorship:

Sponsorship to this project is very vital. Microsat is very much ready to help the United Nations (UN) to eradicate poverty in Africa starting from the heart of the continent – Nigeria.


They’re many educational issues and orientations to be resolved through the use of ICT. To a large extent, our media is capable of dismissing examination malpractice among the African students via Multimedia Presentations and Online Database Records and Resources (ODRR).


I believe, with much financial backup and ideas will influence the bad pattern of reasoning especially among our restive people amongst them are youths. This we know cannot be achieved alone without sponsorship from a reputable gem like you. Our humble appeal is obviously needed to set the ball rolling in Imo State and Nigeria at large. Thanks for your time and God bless you.

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