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  Our Mission 09/19/2019 1:19pm (UTC)

We aim at putting an end to fake ideas by some weak IT professional as regards to poor attitudes towards IT in Africa. We aim at improving the knowledge thereby bringing the Information Technology (IT) culture closer to individuals at all levels through Audio/ Visual (Multimedia learning as seen on TVs).

But we know every thing we say is 99% possible if when funded and driven by a professional. To the best of our ability, we will induce moral culture in the study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This we know would dismiss by half the rate of Cyber Crime and in turn pave way for meaningful work mostly amongst the Nigerian youths.

The attention of the Government and the International Organizations will be drawn to induce serious IT lessons at various levels and institutions of higher learning. We believe, if school pupils at the primary and the secondary levels are well nurtured in IT Studies will improve the rate of education in the black continent.

But again, potentials will be discovered and trained mainly to create job opportunities. Many will also benefit from D-Link Online Studies abroad and thus gain employment in any part of the world.

As if it were enough, families will benefit from our regular TV programmes. That will enable our general viewers to acquire PCs and access it with ease through constant review and FREE DEMO on the TV.

Our initiative will indirectly touch the lives of people especially the less privilege. This will enable them have major keys to solving their financial problems.

Lastly, the government is to some extent relieved of their departmental duty to provide such an opportunity to the citizens. In the same vein we believe in the power of true workmanship, we can do it when given the full support.
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