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  Benefits 09/19/2019 1:17pm (UTC)

The benefits are numerous to behold. You will by this programme, tagged the promoter of IT in the State and the Nation at large.

More so, you will richly benefit from our E-books/ Magazines (On How-To-Do Tutorials) + our regular DVD versions of our TV Programmes. Be this media, we will also show on our prestigious page forum ‘Who IS WHO’ – Local and International Legends (LIL) of our time.

By this programme, you will richly enjoy every bit of our services – FREE Online Newsletters of IT/ Lifestyle Events, TV Programmes and lots more, as far as Information Technology is concern.

Our annual award wining occasion will crown you the Chief Sponsor(s) of Microsat Media to be published FREELY on the internet with Google/ LIVE, Yahoo, Wikipedia for Nigerians and the International Community.


Many more benefits remain undisclosed.
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